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Budget Termite

Inspection process AND TREATMENTS

Budget Termite Inc inspects homes, businesses, any structure that has a need for termite and WDO control. If you need an inspection for:

  • Escrow
  • Buying or Selling
  • Refinance
  • HOA
  • Seeing Signs of termites
  • Need a Second Opinion

Whatever it may be, Budget Termite Inc will give a professional opinion on your structure’s integrity when it comes to a WDO infestation and/or Infection.

Primary Treatment: Fumigation is as a primary recommendation due to the fact it’s a whole house treatment. Click here to watch a video explaining the process


Secondary Treatment: Anything other than fumigation is considered secondary. But, there are many secondary treatments available. Some that are very effective and better than other. Budget Termite Inc uses a product called Termidor. Termidor or Fipronil is a product that tricks termites and other bugs into spreading it throughout their colonies ultimately poisoning the entire colony leading into eradication. Termidor is designed to a process called the transfer effect. Termidor is noninvasive to termites. They don’t know they have come into contact with a termicide therefore taking themselves with are now Trojan horses back to their colonies infecting the entire colony that comes in contact with infected termites. Termidor is designed not to kill the colony right away. By giving it time to infect member after member to insure total spread of the product. This can take up to several weeks before the colony dies off. Termidor doesn’t have a strong order or it doesn’t have a vapor like some products. In fact Termidor, has a caution label which is the towards the lowest of the chemical Category System, Caution, Warning, Danger. Budget Termite Inc is licensed and certified to use Termidor. We successfully completed hours of Determiner’s manufacture’s training coarse.

We also use other products like Borates. We use a product called Tim-Bor which is a sodium based product. It penetrates wood seeping into galleries where termites frequent. It’s also used as a preventative product, since it can be used as a dust, liquid, and/or foam.